Survival Tips For Playing Minecraft

Tips For Playing Minecraft - Survival Tips For Playing Minecraft

If you have to name one of the most popular video games today, then the name ‘Minecraft’ will surely come up. The game was developed by Mojang and has been very successful worldwide. More than 200 million copies of the game have been sold so far, and millions of people actively play this game every month.

In this game, there is a survival mode where the players have to get the necessary resources to build a world of their choice and maintain their good health. Here you will get some survival tips to play Minecraft.

Use the coordinates feature

You should turn on the coordinates in the game settings. You should then take screenshots of important places to have their coordinates. You can use these as your base or village where you can return to.

Don’t craft a clock or compass to use them

Clocks and compasses are not often used in the game. However, it takes up a lot of resources and space in the inventory. Not everyone knows that you need not craft them. In your crafting recipes, you will find a clock and compass, which will work just fine.

Underground is safe

If you have lots of resources, then staying underground, like in caves, is also dangerous. So, you should always use torches to light up the area and keep a weapon like Hotbar handy all the time. You should wear armour as well to stay safe.

Carry a water bucket always

You should carry a water bucket always. You can use it to prevent yourself from falling or walking over lava. A water bucket is a multipurpose tool, and you can keep it with you all the time.

Be aware of the durability of tools

You don’t want your last pickaxe to break when you are mining. So, you need to be aware of the durability of your weapons. The zombies can also attack you, and if your sword breaks at that time, then you will be in a trough. So, make sure to fix up your gear before they break.

These tips can be life-saving. You can get better at playing Minecraft by using these tips. You will see that you can defend enemies better and build faster.