Top Video Game Events Of This Year

Top Video Game Events Of This Year - Top Video Game Events Of This Year

If you enjoy playing video games, then you should attend various video game events that take place throughout the year. These events are attended by gaming software developers, gamers, and others related to the industry. Here are some of the top video game events of the year.

Game Developer’s Conference 2022 (GDC 2022)

Date: 21-25 March 2022

Venue Moscone Center, San Francisco, USA

This is an annual gathering of video game developers throughout the world. Last two years, the event was held online. This year it will be held in San Francisco. There will be lectures and workshops on game development and game strategies. Roundtables will be conducted by various developers.

Major game-related announcements will be made on this platform. Sometimes, new games are also released during this event. Whether you are a developer or not, you should attend this event.

PAX East

Date: 21-24 April 2022

Venue: Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Massachusetts, USA

Here you will learn about lots of new independent video games. There will be panels, tabletop sessions, and tournaments. So, those who are enthusiastic about video games can participate in this event and take the challenge. There will be musical performances and other entertainment for the guests too.

Summer Games Fest

Dates June-August

Venue: Online only

This event brings the game developers and publishers together to make new game announcements to the gaming fans. There will be online press conferences and other announcements related to gaming.

Freeplay Festival

Freeplay Festival - Top Video Game Events Of This Year

Dates: TBC

Venue: Melbourne, Australia and online

It is one of the longest-running independent games festivals in Australia. There will be thought-provoking talks from game creators. The Freeplay Awards will also be held here. The award recognizes the best Indie games.

Games for Change 2022

Date: 12-15 July 2022

Venue: New York City and Online

In this event, game developers meet and talk about new game development. They focus on games that have an educational purpose and bring in social change. There will be workshops and talks. The online part of the event is free for everyone to attend.

These events will allow you to meet other gamers and game developers. You will get networking opportunities and learn about new games before they are out in the market.