Top 6 Online Multiplayer Games To Play On PC

Top 6 Online Multiplayer Games To Play On PC - Top 6 Online Multiplayer Games To Play On PC

PC gaming has improved significantly over the years. The credit goes to the game developers who have improved the graphics and gameplay of the games. Modern PCs also have the processor and graphics card needed to play these games.

Due to the internet, now it’s possible to play multiplayer online PC games. Here are some of the best online PC games you can play online.

Dota 2

This is such a fun game that you will be glued to it for hours. It is a battleground where friendships are forged. The game puts you into a lot of challenges. There are many spells and items. The interaction between them is limitless. You have to develop strategies and learn to be patient to play this game.

Call of Duty: Warzone

This is also a battle game. You need to achieve different goals in the game, so you will always be in action. For example, you need to buy loadouts full of custom weapons. It is a free game which is another reason you should try it. You will get fresh updates frequently to have a better gaming experience.


It is a tactical team-based shooter game. To succeed in this game, you need to team up and master the favourite agents. Here the hero has great abilities like flashbangs that curve around the wall or teleport, which can easily transport you behind the targets. You can use the powers in creative ways.

Rocket League

It is an interesting game about football. You play football using rocket-propelled cars. The game will bring back your childhood memories. You can execute an aerial shot. There is a double jump button too.


This is a survival game where you build things with your friends. You can build houses, plant trees, go mining in caves to get resources or go on an adventure to find new things. You have to defeat the Ender dragon to win. There are online servers where there are mini-games like hide-and-seek, sky wars, bed wars, murder mystery, and other games.

These games are super exciting and require strategies to win. The fact that you will be playing with others makes the games more exciting.